Monday, 31 January 2011

Ever Thine Ever Mine Ever Ours

What does that even mean?! 
Ever Thine Ever Mine Ever Ours.

  So my girl Brandy reads my blog and a few days ago and she kept telling me that she wanted more love.  She wants to read about BOYS! LOVE! & any other of that ROMANTIC stuff. [She also wanted a shout out....] Truthfully it's kinda hard to write about all of that. Not alot of things get to me emotionally. So i don't easily get the urge to write about those things. Plus it falls in the category of PDA. Also known as Please Don't do it Around Me.  Maybe it's the non-girly side but i don't even like crying in front of people, so PDA is out of the question.
 You know who's relationship is too PDA-y for me right now? Matt Drake & Kayla Williams. Everyone else has seem to taken my advice, read my Rules for Dating in the Singles Ward. But not this couple. I'm not gonna lie, they are cute. Matt finally got a girl. But i do not want to see all of that. I almost wanted to delete Matt Drake as a friend on facebook cause I kept seeing all that PDA-y stuff on my home wall.
 I know everyone [probably just Brandy] wants to hear about that guy from Morroco who keep calling me every weekend to see if we can get back together or what happened to the German guy [ i have no idea what has come of him] or that guy in the ward who keeps texting funny/random things [it's never been so difficult to tell if someone likes you or not] but i'm not going to write about about them! Cause how can i write about something i'm not even sure about.
  Give me some time. I'm looking for someone [not too hard though really]. And when i find someone i'll tell you [ but just not too much]
 Post Scriptum: How many guys does a girl have to make-out with before guys begin to think it's TOO MANY?

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