Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Finally...2lbs of Meat In My Stomach

Well Kinda.

So let me start with if any of youse give me grief about this, then i will see if you can try to put two lbs of any kind of meat in your mouth. [TWSS]
   So Walter and David get to The Counter and they pre order my burger for me. Just so everyone knows i'm black. I like my red meat to have no pink at all. I'm sorry. I'm not like youse white folk who like to have a bit of pink to insure the tenderness. No no no. I'm pretty sure in Africa they cook that meat to look like the color of their skin and that is how i'm going to eat it too. I'll date white guys, but i'm not going to eat like them.  But anyways Walter pre orders my burger and he gets it wrong so they have to throw it back onto the grill [and just so you know the second patty definitely had some pink in it]. 
  As we sit there waiting for my burger, i choose my topping. Now let me tell you about the topping, i wanted to make sure that i had a chance to finish this burger. So topping were scarce...had me some spicy peppercinis and BBQ sauce. Simple and good. 
  Then a plate of 2lbs of meat was sitting right in my face [TWSS]. 

I grabbed my fork and knife and ate the 1 3/4 lbs like a boss. Actually Walter wouldn't even admit it [and i shouldn't admit it either] but i ate the first 1 lbs like it was nothing and Walter knew that was something he could never do. But eventually i began to eat slower and slower to the point i couldn't even chew anymore. As i began to chew slower and slower, Walter and Danielle thought it would be okay to just dig in my meat. They just went for it since they thought that i wouldn't finish. So technically I never said i gave up! Boogers just began to dig into my food when they saw me slowing down. So there ya go, that is the story of how i got 1 3/4 lbs of meat in my mouth [TWSS]
Post Scriptum: If I missed any "That What She Said"s just make a mental note of it and write me a letter 7 years from now and i'll get to it then. Thanks. 

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