Monday, 7 March 2011

Is He My Boyfriend?

Use this checklist to run away from the guy who is moving way too fast or to tell motha you FINALLY have a boyfriend. Either way, if you can check off most of these requirements on this list, then it looks like you got a situation here.  So now go to my playlist play Boyfriend by BTR while you read my get into the ambiance. 

 1. He calls you before noon. 
 2. You've meet his family
 3. You've meet his friend and they like you.
 4. You know you'll get a kiss at the end of the night
 5. He calls you on the weekend to make plans
 6. You've been to his place
 7. Your introduced as "His Girlfriend"
 8. You talk about the future
 9. He's brings you Mike & Ike's 
10. You go into the club together, knowing that your leaving together at the end of the night. 
11. He knows your bra size 
12. He's seen you without your makeup 
13. He knows when it's that time of the month
14. You've had the talk also known as DTR (Determine The Relationship)

Truthfully if you had #14 DTR and it goes well, You're his girlfriend. 

Post Scriptum: Riddle: I currently can check 8 off of the this list but I still don't technically have a boyfriend. Why is that? Anyone who can answer this question correctly gets cookies baked by me!


  1. so a) if i answer the riddle will you personally fly out her and bake me my cookie?! (after all you were willing to go overseas for a boy why not over states for a friend) and b) glad to see the list hasn't altered but by maybe one or two points since we last had this talk :)

  2. Sadly Phillips has already beat you. And I owe her favorite cookies. [white chocolate cranberry] Next riddle, you got it.

  3. Just don't cry if you burn them :)