Thursday, 9 December 2010

Boy-Speak An Introduction To A Foreign Language

What he says: I never felt this was before.
What is understood: He loves me!
What he means: Can we get to the nether regions now?

What he says: I’ll call you
What is understood: He’ll call me
What he means: I don’t want to see you again.

What he says: It’s not you it’s me.
What is understood: He’s got something meaningful going on in his life tha’s blacking him from being anyone’s boyfriend, even mine. Even though he likes me so much.
What he means: It's you not me.

What he says: You deserve better.
What is understood: He cares so much for me, he wants the best for me even if it means he'll have to give me up. 
What he means: I deserve better. 

What he says: We're just a different points in out lives.
What is understood: I don't know where i'll be or want in a few years and I don't want to drag you down with me. 
What he means: You're beneath me. (That's what she said) 

What he says: I need to focus on my career. 
What is understood: He wants to be stable in his career before he is stable in his relationship
What he means: I'm crushing on a coworker. 

What he says: I wish it could have worked out between us.
What is understood: There is something that is blocking his ability to be with me. 
What he means: I wish I didn't have to have this conversation. 

What he says: I don't want a girlfriend right now. 
What is understood: I'm gay. 
What he means: I'm interested in someone else. (Probably your best friend) 

What he says: I'm just not your type
What is understood: We just don't mesh well together. It's his fault. 
What he means: You're not my type. 


  1. Maybe now some girls will get the message! why did we not think of putting this into writing before?

  2. I don't know why we didn't, maybe cause we didn't want to admit to ourselves sometimes. That is why we had WWKS.