Thursday, 4 November 2010

Creepy Guys @ Church

 So I have this problem. Creepy Guys @ Church. These aren't the typical normal creepy guys that we've already known for years. These are a new breed of creepy guys. A whole new species. I haven't even had time to classify them yet. Cause to the normal group of people, these are pretty normal guys.  
 These are just some of the creepy things Creepy Guys @ Church have done
  1. Tell me (4 times and counting...) That you only live about 10 minutes from me and that you don't mind giving me a ride. The first time I could have thought you were being thoughtful. But #2-4 when you text it to me and catch me when i'm all alone to tell me how far we live from each other, that is creepy. 
  2. When you ask me if I'm temple worthy. Ask me if I always wear my garments(I'm not even endowed yet). When was the last time I've been to the temple. If i'm ready to go to the temple. Nigga please (this is not referring to the creepy guys race, i just wanted to this word for emphasis) do not hit me up to find out if I'm the one. I can tell you right now I am not. 
  3. You send me text messages with "Love Ya" at the end of it. Can anyone tell this guy how much I hate saying "I Love You" to the opposite sex? I haven't said it yet and I'm not about to start with you.
  4. You have come visited my house without being invited. I don't even know what to say about this, lucky you did were not invited into my house (I was not at home... luckily) but you asked for Jersey and my parents don't know me as Jersey. Epic Fail on your part.
  5. You touch girls bums underneath their skirts. (This is not creepy that is f*%!ing harassment. You are so lucky that you did not do this to me. Cause I would have punch this nigga out!)
  6. If you put your hand out for a handshake and I "politely" ignore it but then insist on a handshake I just think it's so you can touch my black hands. Like you ain't never been around a black person before.  
 So I am not going to tell you who these Creepy Guys @ Church are, but youse guys know who you are. I'm just going tell you I think i'm really easy to read. If i think your cute and if you flirt with me i'll flirt with you back. I think i'm even easier to read when i don't like you. I ignore your text/calls (especially if you write "Love Ya" at the end) etc etc. Do any of youse listen to Dane Cook? Creepy Guy @ Work? Yeah he calls them "Obbys". Now with this new breed of creepy guys I think they deserve a name also. I think "Melvin" is perfect! If you ever are around me and you hear me say "Melvin" (Melly for short) just make damn sure I'm not talking about you.
 Post Scriptum: I used the word "Nigga" alot in this post (for emphasis of course) and if it bothers, you oh well. I really don't care. If you haven't noticed your reading a blog written by a Nigga. 


  1. Nigga Please! LOL and for anyone who doesn't know me ask Jersey I'm by far the only white girl allowed to say that and only in correct context [this is correct AND appropriate context!] I love you! you freaking crack me up!!!

  2. wait a second...your white?! I thought you were hispanic! lol (those were good times)