Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Forever Young

Lafawnduh is in the hiz-house! 
 This year was way better than last year because instead of being Aunt Jemima all by myself. I decided to share my creativity and be Lafawnduh with the rest of the cast of Napoleon Dynamite! Yes! The cast of Napoleon Dynamite. 
(excluding Pedro cause he was at the taco bus getting some burritos and creamed corn with Esqueleto)
 Napoleon Dynamite- Walter Maycock 
 Uncle Rico- Jason Klomp 
 Kip Dynamite- Christian Ray 
 Rex- Kevin Turbyfield
 Starla- Jen 
 Deb- Katy Lane 
 LaFawnduh Dynamite- Jeena Previlon 
 This seriously couldn't have been possible without Jesus.
Post Scriptum: Sorry I didn't post these pictures earlier but someone in the ysa glenridge ward took forever to post them also. When Jesus spoke of PROCRASTINATION he was talking about that nigga who took till almost Thanksgiving to post these pictures on facebook.  

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