Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Two Lbs of Meat In My Mouth

 Go ahead and say it. I don't give d@%m. "That's what she said!" I don't even care that it even sound like i'm promoting a porno but that is totally what is about to happen on the 27th of November. I'm going to The Counter with a group of my peeps to do what they think is the impossible. Which is eat a two pounds hamburger with in two hours.  
 I'm training for it for the next 2 1/2 weeks. Eating low caloric foods but a lot of it so i can expand my stomach also drinking alot of water. Lettuce and water will basically be my best friend for the next few weeks. 
 See i'm not going to be like Julius or David who tried to eat the 2 pounder without researching and preparing for this epic event. No no i'm researching the crap out of this. And when I finish this 2 pounder someone will have to kiss my black butt and tell me is am the s%!t.     
Last night someone actually asked if I was really serious about this challenge and why i wanted to do this? Yes, i am really serious about this. Truthfully the question is why not do this? Sometimes a girl just gotta prove something to herself once in a while. I'm doing this and showing these guys never to underestimate what I can do. That's nothing but a plus. All i can really ask you now how do you think i got all this junk inside my trunk
 Post Scriptum: Anyone who wants to cheer me on or be there to rub my belly..actually better yet massage my hump for the guys who will have to kiss it when i finish my burger. Give me a holla. 

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  1. bahahahhaha you know me too well all too well [we are totally related] because i saw the title post on facebook and first thing out of my mouth THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID! [gosh i wish i could personalize my comments for you my blog style way] anyhows i totally read this to Eric because he wanted to know why i was laughing so hard and he laughed to and said yea she's funny.