Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Conversations With Danielle

With Oprah leaving television what is going to happen to TV? Actually the real question is going to be, where are people going to go when they want free stuff?  

 Have you ever had someone that you hang out with alot that you basically just feed off of them and they feed off of you. That is how i feel with I hang with Danielle. She gives me the best material for me to be funny. When I was younger I wanted to be a comedian. Really badly. Then i realized that was pretty much going to be pretty much impossible. I can say random funny thing but I am not constantly funny like Niki Lemley. Who i think just bleeds funny. 
 The best compliment I could ever get from anyone is for them to say i'm funny. Forget about being pretty, that's so normal. I want to be funny. 
 So talking about Talk shows and Oprah was an actual conversation that I had with Danielle tonight. She hates the View. I love it. She watches Vegas while I love watching the Today show and Wendy Williams. (I used to watch the Doctors but they keep talking about SEX, and for reals though you can only have someone talk about SEX and how many things can go wrong when you do it for so many episodes) so then Oprah came up. My question was what is television going to do when Oprah leaves? Danielle assured me that Oprah leaving isn't like Y2K. Danielle isn't black, she doesn't understand. 
 Everybody get a car! You get a car. You get a car. You get...Actually forget that Oprah gives away bigger "sugar" than that...Everybody get's a country! You get a country. You get a country! Everybody get's a country with a Flag. 
S*%t I wish I was Oprah. 

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  1. but if you were Oprah we wouldn't have become friends, argued, broken up [yes broken up] and then became friends again. and you wouldn't be funny. so while we are all still with out nice free cars you're still funny!