Sunday, 24 October 2010

Dramatic Reading of Breakup Letters

 So I keep wondering why people seem to like my blog Jersey Meets Europe so much. (Cause I really don't understand why you want to read what I've got to say) Then i found out that dramatic readings of breakup letters are a huge hit right now. Especially on Youtube. I guess that is why Jersey Meets Europe is so popular. Everyone wants to hear about someone's bad break up. That's okay. Cause I would too! Plus I am writing about it and so I do expect people might read it. You know what would be fun? To get a group of girls, get our old journals, and read them together in the most super serious voice we can muster. You'll read about all your past crushes and ex-boyfriends and how your parents ruined your life. It will just show you that things that you never thought you would get over, that day you thought was the most important day in the world, the best date ever. May not have been. If your still living then there are still "the best" yet to come.
   By the way this video i've posted is hilarious! Have you watched it yet? It a true letter sent to a guy after a bad break up. And I thought my writing style and grammar was horrendous! Psh whenever I think i've had a bad day, somebody has had worse. Whenever I think my day can't get any worse, someone else has just found out they are about to have an unplanned pregnancy!  
From my journal:
 March 31 2005, 
 Elder Nance is leaving tomorrow. My first Elder, the one who baptized me. The one who is cute and understands me alot. 
 before he left he even gave me his email and phone number from back home. Which might mean he might have a bit of an interest (in me!?)
 They transfered him to Irvington, New Jersey. He lives close but he can't visit me and I can visit him. Which totally f&%*ing sucks. So now I have to find out where he lives. SO I can visit him once and a while. 
 I'm so tired of change so much. I'm tired of life. 
 This is probably one of the worst days in my life. Including when everyone had forgotten my birthday.
 I wanted to hug him so much, but it's probably another of those stupid rules. 
 You know what I realized he must like me or have a small crush. Because he left right when it was almost my birthday. 
 I'm tired of me, life, and everything in general. 
 Akon- Lonely is on right now. So appropriate. 
 After all that my hair is still not done! 
 I just feel like no one cares enough about me to give me the time of day. 

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