Monday, 18 October 2010


 Jersey met German boy. German boy liked Jersey. Jersey was stupid and was head over heels. Jersey had made plans to go to Germany. 
 Those are the actual words I used before the break up. (See I knew I was was stupid to do this from the beginning)
 To finish the story. German boy and Jersey are broken up. 
 Now I am a single lady again. Funnier than before. (Not because of the situation, just because by fact Jersey get's funnier and funnier everyday) I don't want to stop writing cause I don't have a boyfriend (NOW) cause I don't think I am funnier with or without a boyfriend. But I do get better material from the boyfriends to make it easier to bring the funny to you. So I want this blog to be about Just Jersey. The events and people that interact with me.
  For those true Jersey Addicts who want to know. I still haven't cried since the breakup. It is still clocked at 8 minutes. Though I have gotten that sad feeling in my heart. But then it goes away pretty fast. I wonder if I still allowed to wallow?
 Tomorrow I am going on a date with a guy that i've know for about a year now. We are going to Netherworld Haunted House. The perfect place for material to bring lots of funnyness for the next post. I'll take pictures for the visual learners.
 Jersey is about to do what she know best. Gettin some. (Mormon Get Some not Regular Get Some)

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