Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Is Your Friend Secretly Jealous of You?

Here is a checklist to see if your friend is secretly jealous of you.

  • When you try on a dress you think looks hideous, she says you look great.
  • Your boyfriend is one of her least favorite people. 
  • She still brings up the promotion after you've stopped talking about it.
  • She says a party is going to be lame, but then goes to it without you. 
  • She writes on  your wall so much that you almost feel Facebook stalked. 
  • She convinces you to get most caloric item on the menu, while she gets a salad 
  • She says no dibs. But whenever there is cute guy she says it's okay for her to do it because she never gets to go on as many dates as you. 
  • Every time she borrows something from your closet it's return damaged.
  • She makes you listen to boy problems and how her dates goes at the end of the night but when it's your boy problems she says "Do you have to tell me everything that happens in you life?" [this actually happened to me]
  • She yells your name in her sleep, then punches her pillow moments afterwards. 
If you can check off more than 4 of these items, then you my friend have a FRIENEMY. Now that you know, keep her around [for a bit]. Because she will keep you on your toes. Just keep your cute guy interest away from her. And any knives. [and your back]

Post Scriptum: I am not writing this post because I currently have a FRIENEMY. At least I hope I don't. Frienemies are just H.A.T.E.R.S. [Having Anger Towards Everybody Reaching Success]

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