Saturday, 16 April 2011

N.C.M.O's with Frogs Part Deux

My list continues in 2009. Also called the year of Repeat Offenders. It just happened [Again and Again]. That's all I've got to say about that. 

First [Again] is Shorty McWhore Whore. It was bad the first time. It was worst the second time. (A tale of two cites much?) I wish I had some cute remark to make about this. But i don't. Cause it was that bad [again]. 

Repeat Engager was alot of fun. Only cause we were exactly on the same page. We didn't want anything more. Than what it was. Plus it made some of my roommates jealous. That no matter what, that was the best part. Repeat Engager was called Repeat Engager cause in the time that I've know him he's been engaged four times. If you think I have commitment issues. Meet this guy. 

Next was Jersey Boy. Now if I thought Chicken Peck was annoying then Jersey Boy took the cake! Jersey Boy took me on plenty of dates. We hung out at his apartment and played video games. We went to a old folks home on one of our dates (that was fun and awkward). He introduced me to his brother. But eventually nothing was happening. He never kissed me. He lent me his jacket. He would pick me up. He would call me (doesn't mean i would want talk) But he NEVER KISSED ME. Later on I found out why [he's not gay]. I think I might have been the wrong girl at the wrong time. I think I could have not been the one. But now I'll never know. 

Then there was Dare 1 & Dare 2 Twas a night in Rexburg, Idaho where we  had a black out. And instead of a New York blackout where 9 months after there is a increase of babies being born. In an Rexburg blackout you play truth or dare. Someone dares you to make out with someone and 9 minutes later you still have a bad taste in your mouth. You see the similarities right?

Fudge Truck was really fun. Green & Phillips hate him. They didn't like the fact that I was making cookies for him and his roommates instead of making it for them. They didn't like the fact I was using him to have a guy a around [and other things] or they didn't like that he thought he was using me but as in a matter of fact I just like having him cause he made me feel good about my cookies. Oh by the way Fudge Truck made Fudge and sold it. Sold it with his best friend. I guess you can call them Fudge Packers. [insert realization here]

Repeat Engager [Again] Well I guess it wouldn't be called the year of Repeat Offenders for nothing.  Green and Phillips don't even know this but we were watching a movie [for some reason i recall the movie was "tommy boy"] then I got a call from Repeat Engager I made it sound like it was from someone else  told them I was gonna walk out to hear the "person" better. And never came back. Sounds like a horror story doesn't it? But I assure you. It wasn't. 

Okay that was the year of the Repeat Offenders. You wanna know something. This wasn't a very eventful year. I barely remember it.
I could have lived without this year. Take that back. I could have lived without the guys. 

Post Scriptum: I hope this new secret that I just revealed doesn't put a damper on my friendship with Green and Phillip. If they must know I've matured alot. And if a guy called me now to hang out [or whatever] I wouldn't try to hide it from them. I would be up front and honest with them. I wouldn't wait two years to tell them that I ditch them for a guy. 

I would wait one year.  

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