Friday, 22 October 2010

Cougar's Town

 Tonight Briana P., Danielle B. and I took our brothers out on a date. We were sucky dates though. We went to a play but we got the time wrong so we got there about twenty minutes into it. Then we us girls were cheap so we only got appetizers and dessert. But we were the best dates because we got them Molten Cakes. Three of them!  So I think it balances out. The three boys ranged from one being active, inactive, and a non member of the church. It was nice to bring them all together and see them really get along. 
 By the way my brother was the best date. He was hilarious, adorable and we matched! Gray and Black. Which by the way gray is  included in my favorite colors. I like this idea of sibling dates and I'm sure there will be more in the future. It's like since the break up i've realized how much my family means to me. How much they sacrifice for me and really care for me. So i'm showing gratitude by taking them out when I can or spending time with them. 
 Tonight I was a cougar by taking out a 16yr old to a play and dinner. 
But since Briana and Danielle did it too, and we got permission from the boys parents (just as Micheal Jackson did) then i think we're okay. Courtney Cox watch out!

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