Thursday, 25 November 2010

Is he Melvin, when I think he's attractive?

  So this past weekend was Melvin(s) weekend! Since the last post about Melvin, Melvin literally dropped off the face of the earth in my world. It was like he was doing me a favor! Better yet a BLESSING. But then gradually Melvin started coming out of the woodworks. I'd turn around and he'd be there. I tried to run away but that didn't matter cause he was already at my destination waiting for me. I even try to go and volunteer he was there and for once I can say I did not feel better after doing service. He even texted me "Hey what's up" -Love ya" Monday evening. Someone has got to help this dude know. Cause nigga just don't understand.
  By the way there is a new addtion to the Melvin's (total count 4) actually i'm not sure I should even be calling him Melvin cause dude is kinda good looking. But I am sure he pulled a Melvin move. I'm sitting minding my own business and suddenly he turns around after sacrament ends and says "Jersey give me a hug" It wasn't even a was a demand! That's how I know he's a Melvin. Melvin's know that have to demand for stuff cause they know they won't get it if they ask for it. Awkwardly i give newbie Melvin a hug because you only expect the non-good looking ones to be Melvin's. We stare at each other for a few seconds (hopefully he realizes what he has done) and then asks to hug the person next to me to make it less weird. Maybe it's the fact that I'm not a touch feely person at all and maybe i'm over thinking this way too much but i'm pretty sure if you wait to the exact millisecond sacrament ends to asks me to hug you. Then you are Melvin. Yup, dudes a Melvin. Melvin. Melvin. Melvin. Or is he? He's kinda good looking. I'm probably the only one he's pulled this stunt on. Probably a slip of the Melvin. 
 So here is the essential question of the evening: Is he Melvin, if I and a few of the other girls in the ward think he's cute? Cause then that makes me over think everything! If all the other Melvins were good looking (Jesus gave some people more trials to overcome) would I be calling them Melvin? Um...(Major Brain Fart)....hell ya. 
 Over the past week I can up with this theory. Try to disprove it.
Being a Melvin is half environment and half choice. 

Post Scriptum: For some of these dudes i think it may be more of a choice cause there is no way that someone can act like that all the time and not know it and not choose to change. Jesus isn't cruel for you to be born that way (half environment). Man life would be easier (at least a bit easier) if all of youse Melvins were good looking. Easier for you not for me. Melvins go pray that you wake up Christmas morning good looking. Really really really ridiculously good looking. You don't want to be Alpha Ugly anymore. Amen. (Alpha Ugly  © Jamie Giddens & Jersey)

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