Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Rules for Dating in The Singles Ward

 When I was in high school I kept a journal and I loved making lists. Just random list of things you should or shouldn't do. One of these list was Rules for dating in School. But as I was looking at the list I realized that alot of these still apply just with a few tweaks & changes. Changed to Dating in the Singles Ward

Rules for Dating in the Singles Ward
1. Don't kiss in the foyer, YSA activities or staircase better yet in any small enclosed space near a crowd of people. It annoys everyone. 
2. Don't let your boyfriend walk with his hand on your butt either. It is even more annoying than the kissing in public. 
3. If your friend of yours has no date for some ysa activity and you do, you must do reconnaissance work and find out who might be available to take your friend. 
4. Never ever kiss someones else's boyfriend. If status is unclear, ask around and find out. Double check your facts. Unless you roll like that. And In that case girl keep away from boyfriend (if I had one) cause s#!+ about to go down. 
5. If your friend has already said she likes a guy and you like him too. Then you my friends have a friendly competition. There is no dibs on guys and no back stabbing on girlfriends. Seriously most of the guys in the ward aren't worth losing a good friend over. *Notice I wrote good friend*. 
6. Don't ignore your friends once you get a boyfriend. This is a no-no.
7. Dating doesn't have to be everybody's business. Actually it shouldn't. I should only know if you Break Up, Get Engaged or If Maury tells you he is the Father! 

 I know this list isn't complete. But if you have any suggestions leave a comment and any funny/good add-on to the rules will be added to the official list in a few days.
Post Scriptum: If your on Maury then you got bigger problems.

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