Monday, 17 January 2011

Sushi or Snow?

Looks like we got both.
*This is a dramatic written story about a weekend that made Georgia the laughing stock of the east coast*
So the story begins with Danielle & I going over Samah house so i could meet his family. Because of my addiction to sushi I need to have sushi right then and there. So we finally convince Samah Abbnaserddine (Yeah try saying that three times fast… bed) and his sister Mirna to go to get sushi with us. We left around 8:30 ate really fast and tried to book it home. Well we never made it to Samah house by car. Because as Danielle was driving down the hill on Johnson Creek in Marietta and we started sliding, cars everywhere sliding. Left and right. Cars getting into accidents. Cars stopping. Cars going. So instead of trying to navigate ourselves through the wreckage we decided together [actually Samah yelled that we should blow this banana stand] that we would trek our way to his place. So I threw on my most comfortable shoes threw on some pants whatever clothes we had in the car and we walked. We walk about six miles [maybe more] in the heavy falling snow. We walked and walked and walked. It got so bad at one point Danielle and I even began singing Called To Serve "Onward ever onward as we glory in his name.." Felt like we were the pioneers making our way to Utah. To be truthful I really couldn't stop laughing at our situation. It was so funny that I literally had to stop myself from thinking i was going to pee on myself because I didn't want to get frostbitten and cut off my beautiful long legs. So we finally make it to his subdivision. You would think that our story is coming to an end right?! Samah lives on a fr*!#ing hill! So i'm busting my a$$ up the hill then down the hill. We finally get close to Samah house and his wonderful dad comes up half way up the hill with two umbrella's and to help us down the stupid hill. [Really i don't know how umbrella were going to help our situation but it was the thought of the wonderful Lebanese man had that counted]
  Well we finally get his house but we cannot leave cause 1. he lives on a steep hill and no one has a four wheel drive and even if you do, it doesn't matter cause it's too slippery to leave. 2. Danielle's car gets towed because it was hit by a police car and another car. AND 4. We really didn't want to leave cause his family was really hospitable and Samah's mother is the best [Lebanese] cook.
So with good food i never really wanted to leave.
But eventually the snow melted and i got tired of looking at Samah's tall a$$ and hearing Samah's "Halah Halah Halah Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey" Plus I wanted to see my own family. So I "holla"ed at my best friend Mamasita [Briana Philips] to picks me up in the Beast [the Expedition] and I slept for days on ends. Or until i had to go to work the next day.
Post Scriptum: Actually my story really doesn't end there, I also had to sleep with the elderly for an evening cause I got stuck at work for a day. Let me tell you Death lives at the Independent Home. Death. No wonder all those old people are so grumpy old grouches. Old Farts.

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