Monday, 31 January 2011

Gay Tendencies @ Church

Do not tell me I am the only person who realizes this?

Gay Tendencies also known as "GT" Happens [in the church]. It's right before being an actually Homosexual and right after Bromance.  See visual. 

 To clarify nodding buddies are just guys that pass each other and nod. Teammates are guy that are on the same sport team. They talk about tappin dat, whos bang-able or not, and who won the basketball game last night. 
 You see it happen but what do you do? You find out the kind of music he listens to [Britney Spears, Benny Benassi, Ricky Martin]. You notice what he wears [upside down visor or pre-frayed baseball hat]. You hear about his favorite show [Keeping up with the Kardashians]. But no no no, this is not what tips you off to realize something is off. It's the fact that when he hangs with his buddy he's just way too close with his Bro or the things that are coming out of his mouth when he hangs with his Bro just makes you worried [let's just chill]. 
 Literally group of my friends and I found have found a new reason why we have a Picture Directory. Not to see who cute or not [any one who sits and does this just needs to stop] but to sit there with your friends and see who has gay tendencies. We have more in our ward than we think. I was naming a guys from left to right. Aly was naming off a few. Tysha was denying every single one Aly named off and Jordon was just agreeing with Tysha and I. Really though, I think you would be surprised how many we named. I know that you know that we know the obvious guys who are on the border of "GT" & "Homosexual". But what about the non obvious one that we named [don't you wish that I would name off all the guy?] It blew my mind of all the ones that no one else suspected. My gay-dar has only led me wrong twice my whole life. [four times if you count "GT"s] but detecting who they are in the ward has been alot harder than i thought it would be. I guess all i'm sayin is the girls in the ward keep complaining about why the guy aren't asking them out and maybe it's because they don't want to be barking up the wrong tree OR we girls are just making up this whole "GT" thing because they aren't asking us out. It seems like it's this whole mathematical dating equation that they didn't teach in high school. Who knows maybe they did teach us. All i know is that i suck at math. 
Post Scriptum: If he tells you when he was younger that he's been with another dude. [in any way shape or form] Walk away. Saves you the heart ache.  

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  1. so where is the list of GT's that use to judge these GT's.